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Parmacotto brings two cultures together,
celebrating the enjoyment of Italian food in America.
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The challenge for foreign brands is always to blend with a new culture

When they arrive to a new country. With this in mind, Parmacotto came to the US with one goal: to celebrate American traditions with an Italian twist.

Founded in Parma, the brand was born in 1978, becoming famous for producing all types of salumi: from the well-known Prosciutto and Salami to the ones exclusive to the region. The attention to detail has made the company stand out from the rest, producing its fine meats while maintaining its roots and sensitivity to the art of charcuterie.

Nowadays, Parmacotto produces and sells high quality and cured meats on the Italian market: cold cuts, poultry and cured products, all characterized by an accurate selection of raw materials. Inside its 4 factories, traditional methods and recipes meet innovative and advanced processes, whilst respecting the highest qualitative standards.


For Parmacotto, the Parma area is not just a region, it is the story of who we are.

Thanks to the new factory in the USA, Parmacotto LLC enters the overseas market with a wide range of Top Quality products, tailored on tastes and lifestyles of the attentive and demanding American customers.

Are you ready to join and enjoy with us?

We are happy to be part of your table